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Our special crafted series is derived from using the finest cuts of white oak and enriching its attributes with varying levels of toast, enhancing the bouquet and flavor of your wine!





Our highest quality of white oak that is SCREENED to perfection.

Is crafted of premium quality staves used to emulate a barrel.

Is crafted to create your own specialized 50/50 house blend of white oak and its toast levels.

Our classic high quality UNSCREENED white oak. 





This series offers a cost-effective way to replenish the oak flavors of your neutral or used barrels. 

We provide our customers with a variety of our products and services within our kits. Our unique kits allow our customers to mix and develop their own special taste and mouthfeel to choice as one would so desire.

Is a specialized series perfected from the naturalness of flavored wood.

Try any of our Oak Alternative Samples to enhance the oak flavoring needed in your wine and spirits.